Church History

"The Fruit of God's Boundless Grace"

On October 13, 1852, after continually seeking the Lord for light and guidance, Pastor C.G. Weyl, along with 43 others - considered rebels in their day - gathered to signify their willingness to start a truly evangelical congregation, that would maintain a harmonious Christian fellowship in love.  Their meeting concluded with a prayer so fervent, it remains on record today as our inspiration.  "O merciful God, let this thing be done in Thy Holy Name.  We pray for Thy guidance, for without Thee, we shall go astray.  Help Thou us!  Give us one mind and one spirit.  Thou, blessed Redeemer, gavest such to Thy disciples in the early days.  So guide us now.  Keep us ever true to Thee..."   

The church congregation laid the cornerstone of their first building in 1853 at a location on what is now Central Avenue, thanks to volunteer laborers who excavated the grounds with picks, shovels and wheelbarrows. 

In 1929 the move was made to St. Mathew's present-day location on Norman Avenue (this new edifice would be St. Matthew's third location).   The first service was held on Christmas morning, however, the building was not yet completed.

After observing their 90th Anniversary, in 1943, the church instituted a campaign for voluntary gifts for a new church fund to complete the edifice.  In May of 1950, after a successful, well-planned campaign, the congregation chose an architect and the building committee submitted plans and specifications to 8 leading contractors.  The groundbreaking service took place on December 24, 1950 at 3400 Norman Avenue in present-day, picturesque Mayfield in NE Baltimore.  Said former Pastor Gottlieb Siegenthaler, "Our new church is one of rigor and beauty.  It is an imposing structure erected to the glory of God and for the spiritual enrichment of His children."